I recently finished as the lead instructor for the immersive data science course at General Assembly in Sydney. I am also a fellow and part time lecturer at the University of Western Sydney in Australia as well as the Information Support Officer for ITSO at the Australian Astronomical Observatory. I completed my PhD degree at Macquarie University and my bachelor’s in Astronomy and Physics (with minors in Optical Engineering and Planetary Sciences) from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, a masters research program at the Max-Plank Institute, as well as a masters program in Astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam. These studies allowed me to participate in research in optical astronomy as well as lithographic construction of photonic crystals for use in submillimeter and radio astronomy; planetary sciences, optical engineering and testing pnCCDs for X-ray astronomy. My favourite programming languages currently are Python, C, R,CSS, HTML, and SQL.

I am interested in research as well as the theory behind it, in particular the data science and programming. I am developing a machine learning process to search large datasets in astronomy and am very interested in data analysis, classification algorithms and AI. I also enjoy public speaking and giving talks as well as participating in public events and ‘star parties’ where the knowledge that I have gained can be shared with the larger community. For my current science research I am primarily interested in coding machine learning algorithms in Python to search astrophysical databases and combining that approach with a public facing citizen science project that provides gamification of data used in my research.

More Information

As an astrophysicsist I regularly publish scientific papers, my current h-index is 10 (and growing!). To see my list of publications check out my Google Scholar page or my Orcid account.