The ITSO Magellan Integration Time Calculator

Integration Time Calculator

I have provided an online Pythonic Integration Time Calculator for the Magellan telescope. My working prototype can connect to the organizations webserver and launched through the Apache client. All the base code for this project was in Python although the web facing code was in HTML. The initial pilot study into this software was based off an existing program in SBT/Scala and compiled in IntelliJ. After a proof of concept run I developed my own algorithm compiled in Python. I then adapted the original starting code from Francesco Di Mille to a working Python 3 version and combined all versions into one working software that compiles in Python 3. In this version there are several contributions from Konstantina Boutsia and Guillermo Blanc. My final version with colleagues is based on Python 3 and running across the local Apache webserver. The code can be found at: ITC Code

Written on March 1, 2017